Accenture Development Partnerships

Delivering the power of Accenture's global capabilities and experience to address social, economic and environmental issues in the developing world.


Proud to be on FORTUNE’s Change the World List 2019

Impact through innovation

New technologies and business models can transform how the international development community serves people in need. Accenture Development Partnerships helps organizations in this sector dramatically increase their impact in areas such as global healthcare, education, financial inclusion and energy access. By applying the talents of our people, capabilities and experience, we are empowering our clients, including non-governmental organizations, foundations and government financial institutions, to improve millions of lives in the developing world. Together with our clients, we are building momentum to change the world and bringing us closer to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Since launching in 2003, we have completed more than 1,500 projects across 90 countries. By tapping into the best of Accenture's ecosystem and alliance partners—global reach, extensive capabilities, cross-industry perspectives and a skilled workforce—we can provide end-to-end solutions.

We help our clients develop sustainable, innovative and market-based solutions to maximize value while driving measurable impact.

What we think

Inclusive business reimagined

Accenture takes an in-depth look at inclusive business—thanks to research supported by the UK Department for International Development. Read more.

Fueling change: The case for a charcoal price index

In Accenture’s new report learn how more clean, sustainable cooking options could become available to millions of people. Read more.

Blockchain in food supply chain

Accenture was commissioned to explore feasibility of blockchain to enable end-to-end supply chain traceability in the food sector. Read more.

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Case studies

Helping a Nairobi-based start-up connect Kenyan consumers with African artisans.

A mobile solution to train and support community health workers.

Establishing a clear digital marketing vision.

New business and operational models enhance how Oxfam fights poverty.

Empowering communities with sustainable energy.

Improving health outcomes in under-resourced economies.

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Accenture development partnerships offers a range of services to the development sector centered around four key areas. Our best work happens when we thread strengths in these areas together to provide complete solutions at scale.

Focus areas

Applying Accenture’s global capabilities in Strategy & partnerships, Digital, Organization & Program strengthening, and Technology, we leverage an expansive ecosystem to bring innovation to the following impact areas.


Improving the value chain to safe, nutritious and sufficient food.


Providing access to affordable, reliable and renewable electricity.

Financial inclusion

Ensuring availability and equality of opportunities to access financial services.


Working toward gender parity and empowering women and girls.


Improving access and quality standards to health services around the world.

Humanitarian response

Responding to critical human needs in emergencies and disasters internationally.

Livelihoods & education

Promoting effective skills building, leading to employment and economic growth.

Water & environment

Addressing access to clean water and the impacts of environmental challenges.

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Responsible digital transformation

During the World Economic Forum in Davos, leaders from civil society and the private sector advanced the discussion on responsible digital transformation for social impact. They talked about the key trends they are seeing as these organizations adapt to the 4th Industrial Revolution and how organizations recognize the need to transform responsibly. Hear examples of the successes and challenges this brings for organizations including the skills required for digital change.

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